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Come Out Of Hiding & Share Your Special Gifts!

Bypass Your Inner Critic Voices to Hear What Your Heart Desires

Creative Entrepreneurs …
Artists, Healers, Messengers, & Coaches

Are you excited about your artwork, your writing, or your services and how they can really help people … yet the thought of promoting your business
fills you with dread?

Do you wish people would just “find you” instead?

Did you take a Vow of Invisibility as a child and don’t even realize it?

This vow that was meant to keep you safe, is now keeping you in prison.

wise council

Meet Beth, My Explorer, who transformed from my Perfectionist. She’s part of my Wise Council, inviting you into the heart of your deepest mystery.

But when you start to throw off your cloak of invisibility, your deepest fears and inner critic voices think they were invited to a party! They are only too happy to outline all the reasons why your business will not work.

Unfortunately, part of you starts to believe them.

Another part is amazed that you can be so confident in many parts of your life … and yet this thing that means so much to you? How can you be so full of doubts?

It takes courage, commitment and a willingness to open yourself up to your Own True Self to fully step into the grandest Vision of your life and your business.

No, it does not happen overnight.

Yes, the time to begin is NOW.

The first session with the drawing and filling in the story gave me a completely different insight in a surprising way. This is a powerful tool to get clarity into feelings and needs and this can be the foundation for further strategies or actions. Sara…

Being here is a time for me. I’m connecting with me and there is no judgment. I feel Free… to be, to speak, to write, to express myself. This makes me feel more calm and I feel more of my inner power. Because I trust myself more now. Anna…

Imagine being truly seen in the world, transforming your inner critic voices into trusted allies and releasing old patterns of self-sabotage to stand confidently in your own power.

If you’re ready, join me on a journey…

  • of discovery, creativity, sadness and joy …
  • of opening to vulnerability, laughter and play …
  • of learning to embrace and love all of you with tenderness and compassion,
  • so you can fully express yourself through your life, your work and your relationships.

lindaHello. I’m Linda Kaun. As a Power of You – ARTbundance™ Coach and Facilitator, I combine my passions for art, creativity, words, spirituality and personal expansion.

I’m here to guide you into the mystery and the magic of your Own True Self … to release your inner resistance and access the realms of abundance and infinite possibility through playful creativity.

Are you unconsciously holding yourself back like I did? In my own journey of awakening, I went on a deep dive within to meet different aspects of myself. I share this here to show you there are many creative ways to tap into your own wisdom that we can explore together.

My Wise Council

The critical voices I met during my Inner Dialogue process transformed into visual art journals and the embodied figures I came to call My Wise Council. Let me introduce them to you now. You’ll be seeing more of them throughout the website.

the wise council

From left to right:
Clarity, My Visionary; Beth, My Explorer; Belinda, My Cheerleader; Lady Bountiful; Big Tante, My Advisor; Bear, My Protector; and Hatiku, My Heart.

To begin our journey together, I invite you to receive a gift from me … helping you be clear about your own gift that the world is waiting for you to share at this time of your life.