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About Linda Kaun ~ The Threads of My Life

To My Dear Web Visitor…

If I simply speak with you heart to heart, this is what I’d like you to know about me.


I’ve lived a magical, adventurous life. Often far off the beaten path held up by society as “normal”.

Follow The Threads of My Life for a visual peek into my story below.
You’ll see my journey through seven threads – Divine Spirit, Connections, Service, Textiles, Art – Batik – Photography, as a Solopreneur and finally as an ARTbundance™ Coach and Facilitator.

Journey through the images and touchstones of my life. As you do, you might find some glimpses of yourself as well.

What are you ready to reveal, heal and transform in your life?
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How does mystery play a role in your life?
What connects you to your sense of the Divine?
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What does this part of my story remind you of?
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What’s your favorite way to be of service?
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What’s the “big love” in your life?
Maybe it’s been there since you were a kid?
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How do you express your passions through your work?
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Were you an entrepreneur or do you want to be one now?
What pulls you to be on that path?
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Is there a new direction waiting for you in your life right now?
What’s stopping you from going there?
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