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To My Dear Web Visitor…

If you haven’t seen it yet, I invite you to explore my art piece called The Threads of My Life for a visual peek into my life. You’ll see my journey through seven threads – Divine Spirit, Connections, Service, Textiles, Art – Batik – Photography, as a Solopreneur and finally as an ARTbundance™ Coach and Facilitator.

Linda_428-webHere I’d like to tell you what led me to becoming a coach and facilitator.

My last “thread” started with a fall … face down on the sidewalk. Since I couldn’t make my batik paintings wearing a neck brace, I searched around for ways to use my other love, writing. I discovered copywriting. With retirement looming, its promise of 6 Figure riches while sitting on a beach with my laptop hooked me.

I hadn’t consciously planned for what happened next.


Meet Clarity, who came to me through My Visionary. The more I get to know her, the freer I feel.

Meet Clarity, who came to me through My Visionary. The more I get to know her, the freer I feel.

The “path to riches” led me deep inside myself …
to riches of another kind.

The path was often rocky … lonely … with jagged cliffs to fall off of,
dark pools to drown in and quicksand to engulf me. Yet…

It was the most amazing ride of my life!
What do I mean by that?

In the early 1970s both the Seth books by Jane Roberts and the women’s movement turned me upside down and inside out. Seth taught me “The Point of Power is Now” and that I create my own reality. The women’s movement let me know I could question the rules and roles society had created for me … and I could choose a different path. Which I did.

So I thought I was in charge of my life, making my own decisions. I had no idea that my own beliefs operating in my subconscious mind were really running the show. And that the majority of those beliefs were directly sabotaging the things I consciously told myself I wanted to do and have!

It started with the fall … but the doorway into my particular inner world was through my relationship to money. I believe we all have one big challenge … an overarching theme for our life … usually connected to money, relationships, or health.

I didn’t think I was unhappy with my life, though I was ready for a change. Including more money in my bank account.

As I peeled back layer after layer of newly discovered limiting beliefs I held about money, I came face to face with a deep, painful realization.

Clarity helps me step out of my, “I don’t know what I want” head-chant.

I felt totally worthless. Absolutely not good enough. A fake. It didn’t matter what I’d accomplished or how others saw me. I knew I had no value and that my perfectionist self was doing her best to cover that up so no one noticed.

Through many brilliant online teachers and programs, I began to explore and release old hurts in my inner world. I learned that we actually take vows we hold in our chakras to never allow our self to make money, or keep it if we do. We take vows to stay in hiding, remain invisible, to play it safe.

Sure, I claimed I created my own reality. But it was an intellectual idea. When I fully understood that I myself had made up my whole life, well … that left me stunned for days.

I began to see that until we start to wake up, we live in a trance.

We’re all filled with fears and pain that we do our best to hide from. Until sometimes a fall … or a major change in our life … cracks open the walls we built around us to make us feel safe.

And that’s when my life really started to open up.

I see now I was so driven to release my own resistance so I could step into my true calling … offering a way for others to let their own light shine too.

When a participant in my workshop breaks down in tears, sobbing that she feels utterly worthless, my own tears flow with hers. I feel the depth of her pain because I’ve been there too.

I also rejoice for her. Because I know that is the beginning of a path to knowing she is not broken and nothing needs fixing. She might not feel like it but she’s whole already.

I know she is a brilliant Being of Light and Love. That releasing past hurts, buried pain, outdated ideas of who she thinks she is can be an amazing journey into her own heart of hearts. Her world can open up like mine did.

For when I learned to love and embrace all the parts of me is when my life began to blossom. Of course it’s an ongoing process with ups and downs. But there is so much more joy and delight to my days now. The journey is absolutely worth it.

I’m excited that my ARTbundance™ training pulls all the threads of my life together in this new way.

It blends all my passion, gifts and influences into a unique approach to working with my clients … pulling from my deep grounding in spirituality, my social work background, life-long love of learning, words and seeing the world through my photographer eyes … to my 30-year career as a self-taught batik artist and solopreneuer … and my rich life experiences, strong intuition and creativity.

You’re Invited To Come And Play With Me …

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