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In this 4-part series I’m exploring the connections between your female creativity, your power and your understanding of the role your animus (your masculine energy) plays in your psyche. And how these are vital for your business.

Here in Part 2, I talk about how you can recognize if you’re drinking from a poisoned stream. 

I invite you to read Part 1, Creativity – the River of Life for a Woman Entrepreneur, where I shared La Llorona, an ancient story about how the river of life can become the river of death.  Continue reading…

Creativity-the river of life for a woman entrepreneur

Creativity – the River of Life for a Woman Entrepreneur

Have you ever read something that unlocked these secret doorways inside you that you did not even know were there? It’s not a huge explosion of an A-ha moment… it’s like hearing a safe-cracker opening up a locked safe in a mystery movie.

You read a passage and hear those tumblers click into place with the first turn of the dial… a few more paragraphs and another turn … more clicking sounds dropping… you finish the chapter and the door glides open.

That’s what I felt like after reading Clear Water: Nourishing the Creative Life, chapter 10 in Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés book, Women Who Run With the Wolves; Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype. Dr. Estés is an internationally renowned Jungian psychotherapist, scholar, storyteller, and poet. By exploring these stories, she gives us profound insights into what happens in our feminine psyches. Continue reading…

What if asking for help is being of service?


What if asking for help is being of service to someone else?

It seems like such a simple thing… ask for what you want.

What’s the big deal?

A few months ago I was traveling with my sweetie in a new city. We came face to face with the quintessential male-female stereotype. Can you guess what it was? Continue reading…


What’s the Connection Between Power, Trust, Anger and Surrender?

In this post I’d like to introduce you to some ideas and clarifications around power-trust-anger-surrender that I got from one of my mentors, Jeffrey Van Dyk. I admit to flagrantly sharing his thought process with you here because I think it’s that important. Each month he hosts a live and virtual event in Santa Monica, for those of you in Los Angeles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been mulling over some issue – including this one around power – or had a new awareness about something, and the next month that’s Jeffrey’s topic. See the link at the end for more info. 

Let’s begin with a premise I’ve talked about before.

The outer world is a Reflection of your inner world. Continue reading…

Meet Your Inner Matriarch

Who is Your Inner Matriarch?

In this post I’m exploring the world of your Inner Matriarch. We all – women and men alike – have her voice inside us. Just as we have an Inner Patriarch

Learning about my Inner Matriarch was another time-stopped-still moment. So many things made sense that hadn’t before. A door of new awareness opened up for me to explore.

Her voice in us is quite different if we are a man or a woman.

Actually, in a woman she is simply the Matriarch for she is a primary self. We’re conscious of her voice. She’s our powerful warrior side who protects us and our feminine values.

In a man though, she lives in the unconscious as the Inner Matriarch. Continue reading…

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