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What’s the Connection Between Power, Trust, Anger and Surrender?

In this post I’d like to introduce you to some ideas and clarifications around power-trust-anger-surrender that I got from one of my mentors, Jeffrey Van Dyk. I admit to flagrantly sharing his thought process with you here because I think it’s that important. Each month he hosts a live and virtual event in Santa Monica, for those of you in Los Angeles. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been mulling over some issue – including this one around power – or had a new awareness about something, and the next month that’s Jeffrey’s topic. See the link at the end for more info. 

Let’s begin with a premise I’ve talked about before.

The outer world is a Reflection of your inner world. Continue reading…

Meet Your Inner Matriarch

Who is Your Inner Matriarch?

In this post I’m exploring the world of your Inner Matriarch. We all – women and men alike – have her voice inside us. Just as we have an Inner Patriarch

Learning about my Inner Matriarch was another time-stopped-still moment. So many things made sense that hadn’t before. A door of new awareness opened up for me to explore.

Her voice in us is quite different if we are a man or a woman.

Actually, in a woman she is simply the Matriarch for she is a primary self. We’re conscious of her voice. She’s our powerful warrior side who protects us and our feminine values.

In a man though, she lives in the unconscious as the Inner Matriarch. Continue reading…

Your Inner Patriarch

Yes you have one… and his voice will truly Shock You

I know that sounds like some kind of exaggerated marketing-speak. But it’s true. His voice will shock you.

Who is this voice?
And what does he want with you?

The Inner Patriarch is a natural part of all of us – men and women. He’s the inner voice representing thousands of years of Patriarchal values and beliefs. He sees his role for women as protecting and guiding us to be “proper women.” And that depends on how we see ourselves as well. His message to a more traditional woman is different from someone who is making her way up the corporate career ladder.

He has very particular ideas about what you are and are not allowed to do as a woman in all areas of your life… sexually, emotionally, in your relationships, work, and being powerful. The thing is, this is all influencing you behind the scenes from your unconscious.

The good news is that you can begin to listen to his voice and turn him into a powerful ally instead of the invisible adversary he is now. Continue reading…

Achiever – Seeker? Which are you?

achiever - seeker

Achiever or Seeker?
What’s been your life journey?

In this post you can see which path you took in reaction to your core wound… that place deep inside telling you you’re not deserving, lovable, or good enough.

How would you describe yourself?

Your early life training set you off on a path of discovery and exploration. The fuel that ran the car was your reaction to what’s known as your core wound. That deepest place inside that your ego tries very hard to hide from you. It’s the annoying advertising jingle in your head that you can’t stop singing to yourself. Continue reading…

Which Sacred Masculine Archetype is Calling You?

The Sacred Masculine Archetype,
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover has a message for you

It’s been fascinating feeling these shifts inside my body and psyche as I begin to allow the Sacred Masculine to do his job. I feel myself sitting up straighter in my chair. Yes, it’s funny. I’m aware of handing over certain decisions to his energy. It’s subtle. As I do that, my feminine side can relax more. I don’t feel like I have to do it all. That overwhelmed, spinning around energy starts to dissolve and it feels like each part of me can actually do what its meant to do.

In today’s video I talk about the four Sacred Masculine archetypes, King, Warrior, Magician and Lover as presented by Robert Moore and David Gillette. They have been on the forefront of the men’s movement exploring these themes with men for several years now. Obviously seeing how this works in us as women is not going to be the same degree as it is in men. It’s the qualities of each archetype that we can embrace. Watch the video here

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