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Feeling Stuck?

These 7 Fun Tips to Open Your Chakras & Get Your Energy Flowing Again may be just what you need.

The 7 Tips include a mini-series of guided visualizations for each chakra, plus a daily chakra clearing audio. You may not realize it but clearing your chakras is a powerful way to open up your “stuck spots”.

Here’s what one of my subscribers had to say about the chakra visualization:

“My first listening of the 2nd Chakra audio really helped me to reflect on important personal relationships I’ve had, and patterns of what was working and what wasn’t.  It was really rewarding and helpful.

I for sure think you have a really distinct way of reaching people by exploring the personal issues related to each Chakra through guided audio recording and writing exercises.  I really look forward to hearing the rest of them! “
Tyrone Takami

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