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What’s Your Most Courageous Next Step?

After sharing My Most Courageous Next Step, you’re invited to discover what that is for you.
I recommend listening to the free audio, then using this text as a follow-up guide.

What Is My Most Courageous Next Step?

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My most courageous next step is daring to believe that my voice matters … that what I might say or believe or know couldpossibly help someone else to see themselves in a new light … to see how they might shed more of those layers of shame and defense we all wrap around us so tightly.

Page from my art journal, In the Flow

It’s daring to trust when my heart says, “Yes, it’s ok to put your artwork up on a website so others can share in it!”

It’s daring to trust that I have gifts that NEED to be shared, that the world will be richer, fuller, expanded ONLY THROUGH ME DARING TO BE WHO I AM.

It’s daring to believe that I AM important to this dance we call life, that I do indeed have a deep purpose in being here at this time… and that purpose is TO BE MYSELF, FULLY, WITH ALL OF ME, FLAWS AND ALL. TO BE MY MOST PERFECTLY IMPERFECT SELF SHINING AND SHARING WHO I AM SO OTHERS CAN DO THE SAME.

It’s daring to KNOW that as I step into my own brilliance I am shining a light on the path for others to follow.

It’s daring to come down out of my head and live out of my heart space.

It’s daring to make a zillion mistakes and laugh at all of them.

It’s daring to trust that as I stand in the channel of Divine Love, as I open to the Source, I will see the path clearly in front of me.

It’s daring to give up my need to control, to figure things out before I ever even try and know I AM LOVE. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG. I AM ENOUGH. THAT ALL OF ME IS ALL I NEED AT THE DEEPEST LEVEL OF MY BEING. And in that KNOWING, I am connected to EVERY SINGLE THING IN THE UNIVERSE.

It’s daring to be open … vulnerable … curious … generous … creative … playful … and passionate.

It’s daring to be angry … sad … disappointed … frustrated … hurt … wounded … to feel unsafe … insecure … wrong … lonely.

To EXPERIENCE each of these things fully, completely… to let them wash through me, polishing me into the bright shiny jewel that I AM – so others can see their reflection in my radiance and know too that they are indeed a bright, shining jewel as well.

What is my most courageous next step?

To share this with the world!


I invite you now to answer this question for yourself.

Get out a piece of paper, or write on your computer and type at the top:

What is My Most Courageous Next Step?

Give yourself 3 minutes and simply let the words flow through you – no stopping and editing. Just be with your Own True Self asking for her messages to come to you. You just might be surprised!


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