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Who is
the Most Powerful Person
in Your Life?

YOU are!
That’s right, YOU!
You might be thinking… “I sure don’t feel powerful.”

Through this illustrated article I wrote, see how loving yourself
will transform your life. And in that loving,
you transform the world around you.

“Love myself??
Won’t that make
me selfish, and arrogant? I’ll
stop caring about anybody else.

It’s ok to love other people, but
to really say ‘I love you’ to me?
That’s weird!”

Why are we so uncomfortable with the idea of truly loving ourselves?

Could it be because deep inside we feel we’re not worthy of love? We’re somehow not good enough.

It starts early. Even as babies and
young children – we learn the world
is not safe.

We can get hurt. We start to think
there is something wrong with us.

We begin to hide our brilliant selves to please other people, to hide the hurts, to not ask for what we really want because we’re sure we won’t get it anyway. We criticize and feel such disappointment with ourselves. We hide out from our own lives, hoping no one will really notice us.

Parents, teachers, and churches let us know all the ways we’re no good. All the ways we don’t fit in.
• Don’t do this.
• Don’t do that!
• Do it this way.
• Be quiet!
• Don’t make a mess!
• How could you be so stupid?
On and on it goes.

Before long we make a vow – a decision that has a lot of power behind it – to fit into the world by being …


A perfect child, filled with rules about right
and wrong or

A people pleaser – always doing what
someone else wants or maybe

A rebel – ready to battle
everyone or

A thinker – becoming invisible
in the world


All of these roles rob us of who we truly are. We live a half-life, cut off from our passion, longing for something that’s missing in our lives. Searching for it outside of us because we don’t see our value and brilliance.

Yet, who are we really?

Are we only this physical body?

In truth we are infinite energetic beings of light and love. There is nothing solid about us! We simply vibrate at a low enough frequency to make us feel solid.

We are flowing, moving, changing in every moment of our lives. If we could be in total harmony with that, life becomes an amazing adventure, filled with wonder, surprise and awe.

We are stars, a blade of grass, sand on the beach, falling snow … all of the universe is made up of the same stuff as we are. We are truly one with everything and everyone.

Quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings have been telling us this for years, but we are only now beginning to understand what it means. When we look at someone else, we are looking into a mirror – believe it or not.

As we enter the 3rd dimensional reality, we forget who we are. We forget we’re brilliant beings of love and light all connected to each other. We are each a different facet in billions of forms of one unified Source.

In the 3rd dimension we get to play with free will. We come to explore ideas and play different roles. We put on all kinds of costumes from beggars and thieves to kings and queens, mothers, artists and Presidents.




And in that exploring we come to find our way back home to the Source. It doesn’t matter what you call it ~ God, the Divine, the Universe, Christ, Allah, Buddha, Nature, Energy, Power. Each person experiences this in their own way.

At this time on the planet, we humans are going through a massive transition. We’re waking up to our true state of infinite possibility. To wholeness. To completely knowing that the illusion of separation is only part of the 3D duality. In the greater reality, it does not exist.

Free will means we can and must make choices. As we begin to feel ourselves as energy, we see that we can shape it and direct its flow. We start to get clear that we can create our own reality through the choices we make.

Yet the greater truth is we are creating our own lives in each moment. Most of us don’t want to think that’s true because we’re not very happy. We have all sorts of complaints and reasons why life sucks. So why would we admit that we have anything to do with what happens to us?

We are this magnificent being of flowing energy. It’s streaming into us at all times. But we have the power to receive it or not. To block it or not. To even see it or not. And this is the human experience.

If we have all this power to create our own lives, why do we often feel so powerless?

The Power of Belief

Our beliefs act as guardians and gatekeepers to what actually manifests in our lives. Energy is directed and channeled through our beliefs via our chakra energy system. And some of those beliefs carry great weight and power behind them. They are vows we take at a deep soul level.

Only somewhere between 10-15% of our awareness is conscious. We can state clearly what our values and beliefs are. Or when we try and set a new goal we might say things like:

“I want to make enough money to travel, have a nice home and send my kids to university.”
“I want to find a loving partner to share my life with.”
“I’d love to write a book. I even have all the chapters worked out in my head.”

Yet at the same time, 85-90% of our beliefs are subconscious. They run our life under the surface of our awareness. Like an iceberg, we’re not aware they even exist hiding under the waterline. We never question them.

If we have a subconscious belief that money is bad … or rich people are all greedy and arrogant … or it’s wrong to be concerned about money if you’re a spiritual person… then these beliefs block us from actually creating what we say we want in our conscious mind.

If we grew up with parents who fought all the time, we might believe it’s not possible to have a caring, loving relationship.

If we believe at the subconscious level that we’re just not good enough and no one wants to hear what we have to say, we probably won’t ever write that book.

And where did these beliefs come from?

Before age 7 the brain operates at the delta and theta brainwave frequencies – the same ones used in hypnosis! We directly download information from parents, family, teachers, religion and cultures about who we are supposed to be and what is and is not acceptable – about every aspect of our life. This is stored in our subconscious.

When our reasoning ability kicks in around age 7, we begin to develop a conscious sense of “self”. We have the power to decide what an event, a thought, an emotion means. We make up our life by giving meaning to what happens to us.

We can see this in a family where siblings experienced the same situation. Yet one decides they must become the good girl to not get in trouble again. The other might decide to become the family rebel.

To clear away the blocks to this flowing energy coming in, we need to release these old thought patterns, old belief systems that are not helping us any longer.

As this happens, we begin to really see ourselves, maybe for the first time. We embrace all of us, including the parts we tried so long to ignore or hide. We see how special we are.

“Wow, there is NO ONE on the entire planet of over 7 billion people who is like me … who thinks like me … feels like me … looks like me. I am utterly unique throughout all the eons of time, past, present and future. That’s amazing!”

Our heart starts to open and we feel ourselves in the world. We see that we’ve been given certain gifts, things we love to do and certain ways we love to be. And that’s part of what makes us special. We feel the impulse to share those gifts with the world. In turn we get excited to see what other people are gifting us as well.

As we send love to the places in us where we feel ashamed, guilty or scared or where we’re sure no one will ever love us, that we’re just not good enough, the energy begins to flow more freely, with more power. We start to feel lighter, happier, more at peace, not so angry with the world. We love ourselves awake.

The Institute of Heart Math shows us that our electromagnetic field extends outward from our hearts from 1,6 to 3 meters (yards) around us in all directions. They also can track how we affect people around us. If we’re sending out peaceful,harmonious energy, people nearby feel more calm. If we send out violent, angry, frustrated energy, people pick that up also.

What we put out into the world is dependent on how we feel about ourselves. We project outward whatever we feel inward. The fear and pain we see outside of us is our own fears and inner pain that we don’t acknowledge within ourselves. By clearing the wounds, fear, and confusion in us, the outer world is healed of those same issues.

As these blocks are cleared, we receive inspiration to solve problems easier– from our own personal issues to those of our families, cities, nations and the world.

Since all are united in one energy field, these waves of energy ripple out from us to affect the planet too. As more and more people begin to wake up and consciously direct their thoughts and emotions in harmony, the planet shifts into new levels of awareness and love.

So you see, the more you love yourself, the more you transform your personal world. And with that, all the world around you.


©Linda Kaun 2015                      Illustrations ©Dadio Budi Laksono

Watch this video from the Institute of Heart Math for more information.

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