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Wear a comfy T-shirt or drink your coffee, while gently opening chakras at the same time!


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If you know you’re here to live life to the fullest – yet find yourself stuck in money, health or relationship problems …

you’re most likely holding onto old stories and wounds in your energy system –  your chakras.

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The chakras are gateways or energy centers in your body. Each chakra handles specific issues in your life from money and security in the first chakra, to personal power in the third and your connection to the Divine in your seventh.

Day to day worry and fear as well as old traumas can create blocks in the energy flow. Releasing the blocks lets the energy move freely, giving you more balance and ease in your life.

These healing chakra designs are my personal interpretation of the energy and spirit associated with each chakra.

I create each design with dyes on silk, adding details with colored pencils while pouring intentions and specific energy into each piece.

Whether you’re wearing a t-shirt or drinking coffee from a mug, the designs themselves are embedded with clearing, balancing energy and power.

As we let our fearless selves step out in the world, we empower both ourselves and everyone else!

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Zazzle Print-on-Demand

I’m proud to partner with Zazzle print-on-demand company. This lets me keep playing with my dyes, paints and writing while offering you a wide range of high quality products. Your complete satisfaction is Zazzle’s promise, backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. Pay safely by credit card or PayPal.

Visit The Power of You Shop

Each of the 7 chakras in The Power of You shop has 2 to 3 different designs to choose from. Start by selecting your favorite design. Next you’ll see icons for the design only for general balancing, or products with specific phrases according to the issue that needs clearing. With nearly 2,500 items you’re sure to find the perfect empowering gift – for you or a friend.

It’s easy to customize nearly all the products. See how to quickly change the style, text, font or sizing here.

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Let Your Light Shine!

Linda Kaun