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How to Customize Your Zazzle Power of You Products

To change the size, style, text, or background color of the products,
just follow these simple steps.


Each chakra image is available with or without text. There are many phrases to choose from that focus on the particular issue of that chakra.

There is only one T-shirt in each category with that image and phrase because it’s easy to either change the style of shirt or the text.

This information applies to all products. We’ll use a T-shirt as an example.

Start by selecting the particular chakra image with the phrase you want. Here we have a women’s basic white T-shirt with the Heart Chakra and the phrase I AM the Courage to Be Me.

If this is the style and phrase you want, simply choose your size and quantity and click Add to Cart.

img6You can also change the color – each shirt style has it’s own color selections. When you wear the shirt in the same color as that chakra, you have an even more powerful clearing effect. See note below for more info on font colors.

Click the Customize It button and a control panel opens. (It might look slightly different than this example, but the basics are the same.)

02Next click the Art View icon on the left panel as shown to see the printable area. All text and image has to fit inside this area for it to print.


To Resize or Move the Image Placement:

Select the image by clicking on it. Use the sizing squares to resize manually. Look under the Arrange button for tools to help with placement.

Note about sizing images for T-shirts. Use the garment’s neckline as a guide to see how large the image will be on the shirt.

To Change Text:

03Click the blue link in the Change Text box on the right.
Make your changes. Use your own phrase or a different one of mine for that chakra.

To Change the Font:

Select the text in your working area and click the f in the control panel. There are many fonts to choose from. Select and hit Done. Font size is under the number with drop down arrow.

To Change Font Color:

04With the text selected, click on the colored box in the control panel. Here it’s black, but it might be white and harder to see. Change your font color and hit Done.

Click on the Art View Icon again to close the working area.



05Let’s say you want this image and phrase on a woman’s black T-shirt. Here’s what happens when I select the black shirt.
The Text Disappears!
06Be sure and change your font color when you switch from a light to dark shirt or the other way around!

Selecting Your Shirt Style:

img2 (copy)On the right side of the page you’ll see your color and style choices. Selecting Your Shirt Style:

The printing process is different for dark and light colored shirts.

First select either a dark or light color for the shirt. Then hit the See All Styles button.

This brings up all the dark or light styles available. Make your selection and hit Done. The design will show up on your new selection.


Customizing Other Products

img25 (copy)Here are a few more tips on customizing non-clothing items.

Many items have a selection of styles and colors for you to choose right away. There is no need to customize if this is all you want.

If you do customize an item, be sure the image and text is inside the red dotted bleed line – or it will be cut off in the printing.


07The design might be enlarged on purpose, which is fine.

Just be aware that even when it looks ok on the computer, if it’s outside the red dotted lines, it may be cut off in the final printing.


How to Change the Background Color on Your Products!

08The majority of the products show a white background. You can easily change that if you’d like. 09Open the Edit drop down menu and click on Background at the bottom. A color chart pops up. Make your selection and hit Done. You can also add your own colors under the Advanced mode.


Now visit The Power of You Zazzle shop to select your healing chakra functional art!

~ Linda Kaun ~

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