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Allowing Clarity Session

Do you long to claim your artist self – whatever that means for you –
or make money from sharing your creative work?
Do you want to grow your business but hold back from promoting your services?
Are you ready for a whole new adventure at this time of your life, but you’re scared to commit to what that might be? 

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give yourself is


Permission to get clear on your situation …
and choose to take the next steps.

Belinda, My Cheerleader, is ready to support, challenge and ignite your spirit.

In our Free 60-minute “Allowing Clarity” Session I invite you to:
• Get Clearer on your Ideal Vision for your business or arts practice
• Identify your key stumbling blocks to taking action
• Discover the impact Not overcoming the blocks is having on you and your life
• Feel excited to see that it is possible to move past your challenges and reach your goals.

In this safe, judgment-free space you’ll be able to explore what’s on your mind and in your heart … to see both what is in your way of achieving your vision – and what is possible once you release those blocks.

The fact that you are reaching out tells me you are both in a vulnerable place and ready to shift out of your present situation. I want to be clear that there is no obligation to work together further. This is truly an exploration of the possibilities ahead for you.

In order to best serve you, please take a moment to fill out the free application below. Be as specific and detailed as you can. I will respond within 48 hours to schedule our time to talk.

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Application for Free 60-Minute Allowing Clarity Session

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How did you hear about me?

  1. What is your heart calling you to get clear on at this time?
    What would you like to explore during our time together?

  2. How long has this situation been frustrating or blocking you?

  3. Have you already worked on this issue / challenge?

  4. If yes, what have you tried so far?

  5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you to resolve this issue?
    Select your number

  6. Are you actively seeking a coach?

I look forward to being of service to you.

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