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What Makes The Power of You ~ ARTbundance™ Coaching Different?

The foundation of my coaching is the total belief and trust that you, as the client, have the answers you’re looking for. My job as your coach is to ask you questions that unlock your awareness to those answers.

The Power of You ~ ARTbundance™ coaching is focused on helping you find your own voice and write your own story. This is based on two main practices, ARTbundance™ Coaching & Facilitating and my Inner Dialogue process.

ARTbundance™ Coaching & Facilitating
Grounded in 9 Cornerstones

Playing with Art, Words and Deeply Rooted in Spirituality, the ARTsignment™ exercises are designed to bypass your logical mind and tap into your rich intuitive mind.

You learn to trust your Intuition more and more as you’re guided toward shifts in perception and making changes in your life.

The exercises become Tools Not Rules to use any time you’re searching for a way through an impasse. Flexibility lets you apply them to any situation.

The 9 ARTbundance™ Principles – and I’ve added a 10th – form a foundation for self-awareness, Abundance and Prosperity of All Kinds.

This self-awareness leads you to understanding who you are at deeper and deeper levels, allowing you to, first of all … be awareof your desires and then step into them to create your life on your terms.

You come to know your own Communication Energy as I bring mine to meet yours. This awareness of how you approach life, situations, and people makes it so much easier to navigate through the ups and downs of your day.

Behind it all is an absolute belief and trust in the value of PLAY. When we enter into play, our entire body shifts into an expanded awareness of what’s going on around us. We make creative connections and see new possibilities that our thinking brain cannot see at all. Plus it just Feels Darn Good!

Through these cornerstones, I hold the highest intention for you to meet me from your deepest strengths, even when those strengths might feel buried very far out of sight.

ARTbundance™ Guiding Principles

ARTbundance™ is built on 9 principles (and I’ve added a 10th). Through our work together, you will come to your own understanding of what these principles mean in your life.

Inner Dialogues

My coaching method also incorporates the use of the Inner Dialogue process that I discovered and refined on my own healing journey. It started out by contacting various “parts” of myself that turned into the Power of You Art Exhibition.

The process opened up new channels of awareness on all levels of my being. I grew to Trust more of me, feeling the energy from above and below – Source and Mother Earth – until I finally met what I call my Own True Self. You might call it your inner wisdom or your higher self.

It’s a process and doesn’t happen overnight. It led me to know I can have direct, experiential communication with the spirit in everything and everyone. This guides me in ways I couldn’t imagine before.

I’m more aware now of energy moving through my body and can listen to deeper and deeper layers of my feelings, my body, my thoughts, and my emotions. The world is Vibrant with Exciting Possibilities.

My inner critics are not the hidden monsters they once were either. I know how to talk to them directly, which shifts their energy immediately. Life gets so much easier when you know how to do that.

These are some of the things I share in the Power of You Coaching sessions. I now know for sure that everything really does come back to me. I’m responsible for my own life. All of it. As are you.

Are you ready to discover the rich possibilities your life is offering you now?

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